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Any SEO Expert here?

I want to improve the ranking of one of my client's websites.

I have followed various methods to boost the DA and DR but none of them helps.

Also, I am unable to increase the traffic to the site.

If you want to analyze it here it is:

Please recommend me some white hat SEO link-building tips that can help me out.

I also have a good budget for this task.

All your inputs are welcomed.

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I'm not an expert but I will rely only on my experience, First, no need to hurry as Google will first evaluate your website before increasing its DA in a timely manner. Second, invest in the quality content pages of the website as I've checked your site has thin content. Third, reach out to high DA websites that are relevant to your business and collaborate with them for a guest post.


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And here are two options.
You will write so interestingly that your publications will be accepted for free.
You will have to spend a considerable budget on such publications.


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I've just checked your site and there's a piece of advice I could give you, as a person with four-year working experience in this sphere