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TradeDoubler Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of the Affiliate Programme – The easier, faster & cheaper way to do your tax returns – What is it?

A new online web based tax consultant. is the easier, faster & cheaper way to do your tax returns.

It is a coming together of tax consultants and technology experts to create an online personal tax management system which allows individuals complete their own tax returns at a fraction of the cost of an accountant. Users of the system include PAYE earners with other income, e.g. rental income, and Self Employed / Sole Traders.

There is a free service for those PAYE earners with no other sources of income which allows a calculation of their tax position, so for example, they can see if they are due tax refunds such as Medical expenses claims.’s affiliate programme is easy, free and lets you earn up to EUR66 on each sale made through your website.

Register NOW for the programme.

Programme assets

*Cookie period – 45 days

*Commission – Commissions up to EUR66 per sale

*Deep linking tool – yes

*Keyword policy – closed

Commission Segments

*PLT Premium 1 year - Price EUR149 – Commission EUR20

*PLT Premium 2 years – Price EUR298 – Commission EUR40

*PLT Premium C & F 1 year – Price EUR239 – Commission EUR33

*PLT Premium C & F 2 years – Price EUR478 – Commission EUR66

As always, any queries or suggestions drop myself a quick mail –
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