1. trimxqualit

    How can I get my web site high pagerank?

    I want to my web site high pagerank level. So I want to do my web site SEO, What can I do now?
  2. R

    Please review my website

    What do You think?
  3. E

    My Website Redesigned

    Hi, I was wondering what you guys thought of my updated portfolio? Any ideas/suggestions welcome?:) Thanks Sean
  4. S

    Conflicting opinions about my website,

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate impartial opinions on my website: I know very little about computers in general so I have to depend on others to make decisions for me where my website is concerned. My site was given a makeover some months ago and I was told by the person...
  5. martha

    Business Online Learning

    First and foremost, thank you for this possibility! I am trying to set up my Website called Business Online Learning Quick And Easy Management Skills My products will be Business Learning Videos and Ebooks. At the present time I am trying to tidy up the site and re-design it, so any...
  6. mutantspace

    Is there any publishers banner ad sites in Ireland

    I have an arts blog on my site which is gaining unique users and impressions fast and was wondering if ireland has the equivalent of or Nectar Ads Id like to start quite soon and would prefer to have a 3rd party looking after the ads and getting a cut than spending my time...
  7. T

    Introduction Tanks Ireland

    Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Tanks Ireland is a new business based in County Sligo, Ireland, providing specialist storage tank advice, expertise, sales and consultancy services, to consumers across the Republic of Ireland. Our expertise is...
  8. P

    Getting a new site to rank

    I have recently set up a new website and I am worried that I can't get ranked. has anyone any advice for me? It has been up there for two months and it's barely on the second page.
  9. K

    Better Ranking

    Hi All, So my new site has been live approx 2 months now Carleton Village Self Catering Holiday Homes Cork, Carleton Youghal. The only thing left up my sleeve is to redirect our old site to the new which will bring the weight of the links with it. But I'm still not doing very well on rankings...
  10. S

    Best ad network for interstitial/popups for mega traffic site ( 250k visits / day ) ?

    Hey there! I own a website that is for sharing stuff socially and I get 250,000 visits a day and about 600,000 pageviews. Most of the is from international, with about 33% from indonesia. However, I do get alot of traffic from USA also ( 350k visits/month ) I am looking for a interstitial...
  11. B

    The new facebook timeline for business FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    Official training course video from facebook. This is a must watch for anyone using facebook for business and a great source of information about the new timeline Facebook Pages
  12. luckyirish

    Banner Add in Header goes over username

    I know you gotta put your adds somewhere but over our usernames? Screen shots below.:confused: Best wishes
  13. N

    Website not appearing - maybe flash?

    Hi guys, I have worked some SEO on my own website but I seem to be hitting a wall. The site is Guesthouse Donegal - B&B Guesthouse Accommodation in Donegal - Restaurants Letterkenny It is about 4 months old now but even when i type some of the content into search engines, the website is...
  14. A

    Review my new site

    Tell me what you think about this site. give review and comment. Parking study site
  15. T

    Setting up a mail server with postfix, webmin and debian?

    Hi i am new enough to managing a vps server but i know some of the basics using SSH and webmin. I have a problem with my email being sent from my server ending up in the spam folder of gmail. I have two domains and both are registered with namecheap so i can use there DNS to host my domains...
  16. miralize

    Simply Zesty Redesign

    Hi all, Back in 2009 when I was originally starting out as a web designer I was hired by the folks over a Simply Zesty to do a news blog design for them. It wasn't the best, but it was the best I could have produced that stage of my career. 2 years later, I was asked to redesign it again...
  17. silky

    full width jquery image carousel

    Hi I am coding a wordpress site which will have an image carousel at the top of the screen. Similar to how the ibm banner is handled. I'm considering using something like, but definitely a j-query tool. The designer has specified full page width images which resize according to...
  18. H

    cool seo tip for you to enjoy

    Here's a TIP I've found that is... well... super sneaky and cool. If your stuck trying to "out-rank" a certain competitor for keyword(s) in Google (or any other search engines for that matter) here's what I recommend you to, because I've been using it to devistating effect. ... and it's...
  19. B

    Keyword Friendly domain

    I've been pondering the idea of a new domain for a client. He's in the learner driving industry - hypothetically speaking so I don't give the domain name away. I did some research & found that 'lessons driving' was available it's local monthly search is 45,000. Here's the issue I am having...
  20. B

    Please review my site

    Hey guys, id appreciate a site review. Thanks on advance for your input